Beginning the Homeschool Journey

by Mark-Elliot Finley, Exodus Contributor


Nowadays, it seems almost impossible for kids to just be kids. Unfortunately, too many public school teachers are attempting to transform our children into “social justice warriors,” and students are subjected to political indoctrination. To counter this, many parents are turning to homeschooling, and at a record pace. However, making the switch from public schooling to homeschool can be intimidating. To ease your mind, here are some tips on starting your homeschooling journey.


State Law Compliance

Before diving into homeschool, you should look into your specific state regulations on homeschooling. While homeschooling is legal in every state, some states are stricter than others when it comes to making the switch. For example, in New York, a detailed academic plan is required from the parents, and in Rhode Island parents must be externally evaluated and approved for homeschooling. For more information on state-specific regulations, click here


Will You be the Teacher?

After you have navigated your state’s requirements, the next step is to decide if you are going to be the teacher, or if you are going to find a homeschool program. Should you choose to be the teacher, you must consider:

  • Your student’s learning style
  • Appropriate educational models for instruction (Total Physical Response, Constructionist, Cognitive, etc.)
  • Curriculum and its implementation
  • Time allotment and expertise

If that sounds complicated, it’s because it can be. Adding homeschool teaching duties onto your already busy schedule can be overwhelming, to say the least. 


Consider a Homeschool Program Instead

But don’t fret, there’s another option! Consider using a homeschool program instead of doing the teaching yourself. With homeschool programs you can keep the benefits of homeschooling (seeing exactly what your child is being taught, protecting them from unwanted influences, etc.) all while not having the burden of being the teacher yourself. Here are just some of the benefits homeschool programs can offer:

  • Trained, professional educators
  • Teachers with mastery in their subject area
  • Appropriate curriculum

Professional homeschooling programs are often the best choice for parents new to homeschooling, but who still want to remove their children from public schools. If you are leaning towards the professional options, let me suggest Exodus Institute. 


How Exodus Institute Can Help You

Exodus Institute has a fully accredited online homeschool program catered towards parents who want their student taught a traditional, biblical-based curriculum without the fear of political indoctrination. Exodus offers certified K-12 Christian teachers with expert content knowledge as an affordable alternative to public schools. For more information about Exodus Institute’s online homeschool K-12 program, click here.


We love our children, and they deserve the best education we can provide. Making a critically informed decision about their education is essential. If you have chosen to join the exodus from public school, rest assured Exodus Institute will help make your transition seamless, while ensuring a sound education for your child. 



Are you beginning your homeschool journey? Or maybe you're an experienced homeschooler. Either way, Exodus Institute can help! We have programs for families seeking a complete online school, or just supplemental lessons.

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