What to Look for in an Online Private School

By Mark-Elliot Finley, Exodus Contributor 


Online education is extremely popular. There are currently about 4.5 million K-12 students who have taken at least one course online or who have been fully enrolled in online school. Homeschoolers are afforded online school options, and many parents seek out private online programs to help support them. But what should you be looking for in a private online school? What are the important things to consider when choosing an online homeschooling program? In this blog, we discuss three things to look for when choosing an online private school for homeschool families: accreditation, cost, and structure.

Accreditation is an extremely important factor when considering an online private school. Programs can be internationally, nationally, or regionally accredited, guaranteeing programs provide students necessary educational support. Many online private schools are accredited by the same organizations traditional schools are accredited by. Some of the national accreditation associations include Cognia and Middle States Association.
Accreditation is not only important for your student’s educational success, but also for your student’s post-secondary educational pursuits. Many colleges look for accreditation with online homeschool applicants. Homeschool students applying from an accredited online private school have a better chance of getting accepted into college. They also will perform more successfully in university as about 66.7% of homeschool students graduate from college, compared with the 57% of non-homeschool students. Moreover, teachers in such online programs should be fully certified. For example, Exodus Institute is powered by Southland Schools, a fully-accredited online program approved by the University of California (UC) and offers A-G courses, ensuring Exodus students are fully prepared come graduation.

Cost can differ depending upon the online schooling program you choose. For example, the benefit of public online schools (like Florida Virtual School) is that they are often tuition-free, but the downside is that they teach the state-mandated curriculum which often includes lessons homeschool parents don’t want their children exposed to. If parents are seeking to exit the public school system, online private schools are the next option. Private online high schools cost on average $14,522. While online private programs can be expensive, Exodus offers quality education at only a fraction of the average private school costs, while providing a superior online school experience. In fact, depending on your state, you could qualify for grants and scholarships which Exodus accepts. While online private schools can be expensive, programs like Exodus can make online homeschooling very affordable.

Another aspect to consider when selecting a private homeschooling program is the school’s structure. Some online programs might have set class periods conducted on video chat interfaces, while others offer asynchronous (on-demand) lessons facilitated through videos and assignments. Determining what structure is best for your family is essential when selecting an online homeschooling program. For homeschool parents needing supplemental material, Exodus offers the Enrichment Program. Exodus instructors offer video and written instructions, projects, quizzes and printable materials for parents to use in conjunction with their own homeschooling program. Determining what online structure works best for your student and family will contribute to your student’s future success!

How Exodus Can Help You
Finding the right online private school can be difficult. Exodus Institute can help your family and student, as we provide a fully accredited K-12 online program taught by certified Christian teachers. Our program helps students make the most out of their homeschool education and prepares them for college and beyond. For more information on what we can offer your family, visit https://www.thinkexodus.org/.

Are you beginning your homeschool journey? Or maybe you're an experienced homeschooler. Either way, Exodus Institute can help! We have programs for families seeking a complete online school, or just supplemental lessons.

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