The Exodus From Public Schools

Parents are pulling children out of the public education system en masse. Learn why.

So why are families leaving public schools in droves? It’s not very hard to see why.

Let's start with the bad news.

Some statistics.

Over 70% of Christian teens abandon their faith by the end of their first year in college.

 By the end of their senior year of high school, two thirds of teens have tried alcohol, and even more alarming is that 90% of alcohol consumption by adolescents is dangerous binge drinking. Nearly 20% (that’s 1 out of 5!) high school students has rode in a car with a drunk driver.

Our schools are dangerous, faith-destroying indoctrination camps. If America’s public schools were a person they would be that bad influence you try desperately to keep away from your kids - yet we send them there most of their waking hours, week after week, voluntarily!

But it gets worse.

The COVID pandemic has amplified all the worst parts of public education and taken away some of the few remaining positives. 



Who would’ve thought one word, mandates, would evoke so much controversy just two years ago? Local governments and school boards have turned already bad environments into dystopian nightmares. Do you want your children spending most of their waking hours in a school full of plexiglass and masks, where kids can’t socialize like normal children?

Parents are being forced to deal with:

  •  Vaccine mandates instead of letting parents choose the health decisions for their children
  •  Unscientific mask mandates, stunting social skills and emotional development
  •  Restrictions on school sports and events



At the same time that literacy rates and test scores on math plummet, public schools are focused on indoctrinating our children with leftist propaganda instead of teaching the basics of math, reading, and writing. How bad is it? Worse than you think.

  •  Sex-Ed used to teach children basic anatomy and the dangers of STDs, etc. Today children at a young age are taught how to have sex, how to ask for sex, and that their gender can be changed behind their parents’ backs.
  •  Books used in Sex-Ed classes across America are so perverted and graphic the average person would be arrested for showing them to children. So the school libraries are exempted from the child endangerment laws!
  •  Critical Race Theory (CRT) quite literally divides children by race, teaches minority students to be aggrieved victims and pushes guilt onto White students, as well as a general hatred for America and the principles of color-blindness and equality.
 On to the good news...


The Growing Homeschool Movement

The pandemic of 2020 was a shock to the entire world system in so many ways, but no one could’ve predicted how it would affect education. Parent’s were forced to turn their homes into schools. Many saw what was being taught online through school laptops and were not happy with what their kids were being exposed to. The homeschool movement exploded as a result.

  •  In 2017, pre-pandemic, 3.3% of school-aged children were home-schooled, but by May of 2021 that number had sky-rocketed to 19.5%
  •  While the number of homeschooled students will go down as schools re-open (for now), the pandemic has changed many parents’ minds on homeschooling
  •  Increases in homeschooling families has crossed all racial, religious, and cultural barriers

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