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Simple is better

Many curriculums are complex for no good reason other than to impress those who purchase them at school district offices. But complex does not equal better learning outcomes.
Let the ideas be elevated  but the delivery of them basic. Higher learning taught with simple, clear methods.

Old School is the new… school

New teaching methods seem to spring up every week, each claiming to be better than the previous. But as test scores and reading comprehension plummet, perhaps we should look to the past when schools produced better learning outcomes, our national literacy rate was superior, and the character of our country reflected a higher morality.

Reading, reading, and more reading

We are firm believers in the power of the printed word. If a child becomes a strong reader, they can learn anything. Love of reading and advanced literacy skills are priority number one. 

To this end we provide several novel-based lessons that teach everything from simple reading comprehension to deeper plot analysis. 

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